About Us

What we do?

Here in “I Love Bali Photography”, we strongly believe that  image capturing and documentation are the true essence in showing our memorable moments and since every documentation begins with the countof the numbers, we have created our simple and yet friendly tagline.


It is undeniable that the demand for pre-wedding and wedding photography in Bali has been increasingly growing. The interesting fact about “wedding” is that it is a ritual that will never vanish, nor will it grow out of fashion and never does it look at status, religion, race, culture or even nation. People are seriously “mixing” everywhere and we should celebrate it! The mission of I Love Bali Photography is to be able to understand our client’s love stories and, inturn, to document them as best and unique as possible!

Why I Love Bali?

In the midst of this overcrowded creative industry in Bali, it is essential for us to have avaluable strength so as to differentiate our selves from the rest of the competitors.

Starting from studying arts & designs andeventually being designers have given us a lot of advantages when it comes to the elements of art. Having rich experience as pure artists, designers and photographers, we quickly understandand adapt to our client’s needs and preferences. We are also proud to have vast cultural insights, fabulous sense of fashion, are always on the lookout for new trends and love to experiment with unconventional ideas and practices.

We are also able to create a concept used for documenting our client’s prewedding videos. We aren’t satisfied enough with just blending into the background and documenting what appears in front of our camera. A great engagement shoot or wedding goes through alot of planning and we feel it is important that all your time put into organizing an event couldbe expressed through a carefully put together film and photo-shoot. We will build up a profilefor each individual client. To understand your characteristics and bring it to the works wemake. Once that is done, we would then write a storyboard of how we want to photograph or film your big day. With this, we hope that we have convinced youthat we are the right choice for your pre-wedding and/or wedding photography needs.


Think creative

Think cheep & fast

Think happy ending

Think I Love Bali Photography


Thank you…

address:   Jl. Pemuda II No.15 renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
email:  ilovebaliphotography@gmail.com
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